Our Speciality

Spinal Surgery

A treatment option for patients with persistent back pain when one or more of the soft, spongy pads that cushion the spinal vertebrae become herniated, ruptured, protruded or otherwise deteriorated and is causing nerve compression. Minimal invasive spine surgery results a shorter recovery period and less pain.

Our Salient Features:

spinal suregery
  • World class facility for spinal surgery
  • Effective treatment of Slip-disk, Spondylitis and Spinal Deformity
  • Operation of ruptured disk or tumor performed through minimal invasive key-hole surgery
  • Deformity correction by latest technique
  • Decompression and fixations with expertise
  • Spinal Disk Replacement Surgery
  • Time-tested Titanium implant used
  • Highly trained Para-medical staff and nurses
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