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The complicated science of Neurology deals with all the diseases, abnormalities and dysfunctions of the Brain, Spine and Nerves. These structures ultimately control most functions in our bodies, and make us who we are by control of thought, speech, memory, intelligence etc.


Even minor disturbances in the function of any of these may cause tremendous discomfort and disabilities. In the past 25 years research has unfolded the intricate secrets of many neurological disorders, and we now are equipped with excellent resources, investigations, and management facilities for many Neurological problems. Total control and cure for some epilepsies, recovery from stroke, neuro-intervention to prevent strokes, better outcomes in infections like meningitis/encephalitis, deficiencies and malignancies, pain relief in many conditions, excellent treatments for migraine, and improved quality of life in many incurable conditions are just a few examples of recent achievements.

At Ram pyari Ortho Hospital, we offer a complete clinical evaluation by expert Neurologists In Ranchi, Neurosurgeons In Ranchi, Neuropsychologists, Speech Therapists In Ranchi, and a Neuro Rehabilitation team, and if required by ancillary clinicians like Cardiologists, Urologists, Ophthalmologists, Spine surgeons, ENT specialists, Paediatricians and Psychiatrists

All the advanced lab investigations, electroneurophysiological studies like EEG (Electroencephalography), EMG (Electromyography), NCS (Nerve Conduction Studies), and Imaging studies like advanced MRI scans and CT scans, are available on site. A complete Neuro Rehabilitation Unit is functional from 8 AM till 8 PM, Monday till Saturday.

Most advanced evaluation and treatment modalities are discussed on a daily basis by experts, and complicated cases are reviewed by a panel of experts.

We also boast of the First MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS specialized facility in India, and a Parkinson’s disease care unit, where over a hundred patients with these disorders follow up regularly.

The ‘Ram Pyari Ortho Hospital’ has both Outpatient and Inpatient services. The daily outpatient facility runs Monday through Saturday from 4-7 pm, and Inpatient emergency and routine services are available 24x7 round the clock. Neurocritical care facilities are also available.

We have tie-ups with the most reputed insurance agencies.

In our endeavour to be the best in Neurological care, we strive to offer the most scientific and ethical solutions, with a patient’s best possible health our top priority.

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