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Knee Replacement Surgery

At our Knee Surgery Centre in Ranchi, Ram Pyari Ortho Hospital is a state-of-the-art set-up for performing all kinds of world-class knee surgeries done by our Joint Replacement Surgeon in Ranchi.

knee surgery

A team of well-trained Orthopaedic surgeons headed by world-renowned Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr S. N. Yadav, carries out a wide range of knee surgeries ranging from the minimally invasive Arthroscopic procedures to complex surgeries like Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Ranchi and Revision Knee Replacement surgeries. Our nursing staff, physiotherapists, and all other concerned people acquire an extremely high level of competence because of repetitive work of the same nature.

Our Knee Surgery Centre is able to invest in the best and the latest possible electronic instrumentation systems for knee surgery which are available in the world, as it just focuses on these joints. We have invested in multiple layers of equipment, for example, high quality of bone cutting instruments. We have at least three sets of instruments of each category so that there is always a back-up if there is a malfunction of any equipment during surgery.

The Operation Theatre features the latest Class 100 Laminar Flow System. Sterility in an operating theatre is a must for ensuring that patients are protected from life-threatening infections. The Laminar Flow system filters air and creates an extremely homogeneous air flow with very little turbulence. Any bacteria, viruses or dust particles are extracted directly before the air enters the area. This means that the operating area is completely isolated within the surrounding room, effectively preventing any contamination by bacteria or virus-laden air.

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